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Divorce can be a tough experience for anyone to endure. There are many emotional, financial, and legal road blocks preventing you from attaining stability in these areas. You will need to enlist the skill of an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the complex marriage dissolution process. Located in Fresno, a divorce lawyer at Judith Leslie Soley, Inc., is ready to serve you. Call (559) 265-4292 or contact a divorce lawyer online to learn more about your case.

For nearly 20 years, our Fresno divorce law firm has been assisting clients through the process of divorce. We have handled many issues that occur in divorce such as:

  • marital property division 
  • child custody 
  • child custody battles across state lines 
  • child support 
  • visitation / parenting time 
  • support order and custody modifications 
  • temporary orders 
  • legal separation 
  • restraining orders and domestic abuse 
  • maintenance / spousal support / alimony
  • judgment enforcement 
  • retirement benefits 
  • other financial or property-related disputes

If you have any type of divorce or family law issue, do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney who is ready to lead you through this complex process. Do not be taken advantage of by your former spouse. Our firm will confidently protect your rights and pursue your best interests, working hard to form a timely, thorough, and beneficial resolution of the dissolution of your marriage.

Our legal team is skilled in handling all of your complex tax and substantial estate financial issues, child custody and financial support matters, and the legal challenges associated with these areas. Call (559) 265-4292 or contact Judith Leslie Soley, Inc., via e-mail to learn how our firm can assist with your divorce.

Judith Leslie Soley, Inc., located in Fresno, California, serves clients throughout Fresno County, Madera County, Central San Joaquin Valley, Merced County, and Kings County and surrounding areas.

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